Our Philosophy

A Typical Day

An example of a typical day...


8.00 – 8.30 Optional Meditation...

Half hour daily meditation to still the mind, improving focus and concentration.

8.30- 10.30 Morning Yoga Class

Each day starts with a 2 Hour Yoga Session with Anna. A morning Energetic Vinyasa Yoga with breath and chakra focus.

Classes are dynamic and infused with the Iyengar, Sivinanda and Ashtanga traditions as well as Chinese Meridian Stretches. These classes are deigned to make your physical body work, mental body focus, emotional body heal and spiritual body shine. This Morning Hatha Yoga

Dynamic Flow class, with chakra and breath focus is designed to start your day in the best way possible. Suitable for all levels.


11.00 Vegan & Vegetarian Buffet Lunch prepared by our Chef

12.00 Free Time... 

Why not book an excursion and visit an authentic coastal Spanish town or village in the beautiful surrounding mountains. Choose one of our Spa Treatments, or surround yourself with nature during one of our guided hikes, walks or cycle routes...Or simply relax by the pool, read a book with a coffee, and enjoy your break.

18.30 – 20.00 Yin Yoga & Relaxation

Evening Yoga Therapy, Yin yoga and Restorative classes with relaxation.

Focused on deep healing and rejuvenation. Exploring our bodies, inviting space and healing. Postures designed to improve digestion, alleviate any back, neck or shoulder pain, improve respiration and flexibility and combat stress. You will leave feeling more connected to yourself, re-energised, relaxed and peaceful.

Chinese Meridian Stretching incorporated into the classes:

Exploring the similarity between Yoga and the Chinese meridian stretches. Tuning into the sensation of each organ. Fantastic postures for overall health.


We recommend a 3 day (plus 1 excursion) or 5 day (plus 2 excursion) package